Dear fellow human beings,

As we are entering the fall of 2019 and the beginning of the epic year of 2020, a great deal of change is requested to take place in each and every one of us, as you probably have noticed by now.
If you are describing yourself as a spiritual seeker or a lightworker or something similar, you are most likely being called to take a big leap forward into the unknown. This call to grow and evolve can express itself as uncomfortable, disturbing feelings and unwanted agonizing emotions, but it can also be an inner knowing that you (or we as a collective) need to change, but you don’t know how.

As a collective we are about to reach an energetic pivotal point, a crossroads if you will, where the road forward we collectively are choosing with our current vibration is leading us into a future of little or no hope of harmony and love amongst the peoples of this planet. This could essentially lead us to destroy our environment and ourselves as a civilization. 
Our world is becoming more and more chaotic because we need to put all the cards on the table so that we clearly can see what we do not prefer and then choose the opposite, what we actually prefer, and this is a good thing!
There’s big changes coming up, but let’s not dwell in fear and over-dramatize the situation 🙂 

Actually, it is all very logical and simple. Humanity has lately been evolving in the spectrum of the third density which correlates with the third chakra. This is the chakra of the individuated self; self power, self-confidence, exploring the small self’s (ego’s) wants and needs and manifesting accordingly. We are now approaching the end of this cycle. The external world we have created is now crammed, burdened and over-manifested with quick fixes and short term solutions. There is no more answers to be found in external manifestation alone.
We have prioritized the outer world over our feelings and emotions and the understanding of our inner world, the very essence of our being. We have created a society where it is taught and expected of us to neglect or suppress the negative emotions and instead focus on the “doing” in the external world. Of course this way of living only enhances the negative energy that we are trying to avoid.

What we are called to do now is to turn inwards, accept the invitation to put down our resistance, expand our consciousness and move into the fourth density, the fourth chakra. This is the chakra of the heart, the density of love and compassion. We are being invited to acknowledge, accept and most importantly FEEL all the emotions we until now have been suppressing. At the same time we need to take intentional action in alignment with the Truth of our hearts, not our minds. But we can’t really do this from the third density perspective. Then we would logically have to be able to explain, justify and defend all our emotions and actions and there would most likely be too many paradoxes and contradictions coming up that would result in some sort of system collapse 🙂
But we can do it from the fourth density perspective, the paradigm of love and compassion.
We can learn how to open up our hearts, prioritize the NOW over the past or the future, stop relying on our thoughts and explanations, stop judging, defending or fighting what is present in every Here and Now. And most importantly, we can learn how to feel COMPASSION for every being on (and out of) this planet.

Many of us have already started this journey to the fourth density a long time ago, but now we are being invited to take it more seriously, to actually take the actual leap and stop fantasizing and romanticizing about it.

So what does it mean to take the leap into fourth density? 
Well, seen from the perspective of the third density – we don’t really know. And we can’t exactly know either (since we’ve never done it before). But we can learn.

We can learn how to live with an open heart.

We can learn to develop faith in the unknown.

We can learn to trust the inherent harmonizing principle in all life more than we trust our own limited understanding of the world.

We can learn to be okay with not knowing.

We can learn to see the potential and the expansive perspectives in the paradoxes.

We can exercise being mindful and present in each and every moment, recognizing our discordant thoughts and behavior and taking responsibility for them, owning them. By not making excuses and not blaming our negative emotions on anybody else, we can radically speed up our self realization process and move through our own bullshit.

We can learn more and more about our selves until we clearly see that there is no separation, all things are ONE and everything and everyone is experienced inside our own consciousness, the one and only consciousness we are all individualizations of.

If we knew this clearly, then how could we ever do any harm to another?

We can find fuel for our compassion and our actions of love in clearly acknowledging that our way of life needs to change. Now.

Starting this fall, I will dedicate my (self arranged) soundbaths to the unfolding and the embodiment of the fourth density. 

I am very happy to announce that starting September 11, I will arrange soundbaths in the beautiful new space in Vasa called Gaia (Skolhusgatan 32 A 1). 
These sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 19:00.

I am also offering soundbaths in Sound Awareness’ studio in Malax on Thursdays at 19:00

See all my events here

I am also happy to offer individual coaching and sound healing sessions for those interested. Please contact me for further information.

If these words resonate with you, and you feel that sound and vibration can be a powerful healing tool in deepening the contact with your Self, I welcome you with an open heart to join our growing community of conscious co-creators of the New Earth.


Soundbath information:

A Soundbath is an opportunity for You to detach from the outer world for a moment and let the sounds from singing bowls, drums and gongs tune you back into your natural frequency.

If you suffer from stress then this event will most likely help you to relax and lay all your burdens aside for a while, so that you can feel the ease of just being. 

If you want to dive deep inside of your self, your consciousness, beyond thoughts and mental noise and discover more of your True Self, then these sounds can help you get into a deep meditative state by brainwave entrainment.

Sound affects us on different levels, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thru my sound baths I want to offer a harmonic atmosphere that promotes the healing processes that you are going through right now in order to grow and evolve into an even more harmonious and balanced version of Your Self.

The soundbath lasts for about an hour, but we will reserve about two hours so that there is enough time to unwind in the beginning and to wake up to this version of reality in the end. The participants will lay on the floor so please bring your own yoga mat, comfortable clothes and blankets if you prefer. A bottle of water is also good to bring along.

Space is limited to 10 participants max, so reserve your place now by sending me PM or commenting below!

Suggested offering in Vasa: 20€

Suggested offering in Malax: 15€

(but if you are in real need of healing, any amount will do 😁 Some sort of exchange is also possible.)


Stefan Backas is a sound therapist living in Malax. By his work with sounds and frequencies, he wants to promote awareness and expand consciousness in our society.