Här hittar du ljud- och musiklandskap som är designade för meditation och för att bidra till en lugn och avslappnande atmosfär.

Använd högtalare eller hörlurar av bra kvalitet för bästa möjliga lyssningsupplevelse.

Vissa spår använder sig av “binaural beats”, en teknik som kräver användning av hörlurar för att fungera. Detta nämns i beskrivningen.

Om du upplever att dessa ljudlandskap är till hjälp för dig i t.ex meditation eller för att upprätthålla eller höja din sinnesstämning, din vibration, så överväg gärna att donera till mitt arbete för en mera harmonisk värld.



Here you can find sounds and musical ambiences designed for meditation and contribution to a calm and peaceful atmosphere

Please use good quality speakers or headphones for best possible listening experience

Some tracks use a technique called “binaural beat”, and they require the use of headphones in order to work properly. This will be mentioned in the track description

If you find these sounds helpful in maintaining or raising your state of being, then please consider donating to my work for a more harmonious world.

Thank you!

Soundbath Tranquility 46 min

This is a studio recording of a soundbath.

*Please use good quality speakers or headphones in a quiet, tranquil environment for best possible listening experience*

A soundbath is an opportunity for you to relax, let go of all your thoughts, let go of the world for a moment and let yourself experience and remember your natural state of being, free from thoughts and mind, while your body/spirit/mind complex is being washed clean by therapeutic, harmonic, loving and meditative sounds from tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, monochord and drums.


Soundscape for Ayham
This is a calming and inspiring 42 minute musical soundscape created specifically for children, but I am sure adults will enjoy it too 🙂
Waves and water – tibetan singing bowls
this is a 9 minute audio track with waves and tibetan singing bowls. Enjoy!

Winter water – tibetan singing bowls
this is another calm meditative atmosphere of waves and tibetan singing bowls. Enjoy!

B Hapi
this is a 30 minute ambient recording of a HAPI drum and some peaceful birds in Malax. Enjoy!

Circle of self empowerment – binaural meditation
Please read the PDF attached here
Tellus Tentakler is a musical collective that records and performs high vibrational, “earthy” music often based on improvisation. The mission of this collective is to use music as a medium to share our love for Mother Earth and our unwavering belief in life’s inherent harmony and in the human potential. Follow this link to access Tellus Tentaklers Youtube channel where you can find all our music and videos.