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A guided journey towards the deeper aspects of yourself accompanied by soothing and meditative soundscapes. This three part sound meditation program will assist you in your inner journey towards a more joyful and harmonious experience of life.Download the files to your phone or computer and move through the program at your own pace.

Sound Awareness - Inner Harmony, a three part sound meditation program

  • This sound meditation program will guide you on a journey into your true Self and natural inner harmony. The combination of meditative soundscapes, guided meditations and your dedication to your inner work will be of great aid during the journey back into natural harmony with life. In order to break the habits of our thinking minds and the mental patterns that determines how we experience life, it is beneficial to dedicate time every day for meditation and inner work.This program will encourage you to keep up your daily meditations and motivate you to continuously challenge your old patterns and habits that limits your life.The healing sounds of this program will help your nervous system and your mental activity to relax and thus help you to experience the stillness and harmony that lies as the foundation of your being. By continuously practicing to dwell in this space beyond thoughts and emotions (without suppressing them) we will gradually realize the true nature of our being and the spell of being controlled by our fears and reactions will be broken.

    Part 1 – Alert Relaxation

    We will build a new habit of dedicating time for inner work.You will decide which time of your day is most suitable for meditation.The focus is on relaxation and letting go of engaging with thoughts and emotions.Listen to the sound healing meditation each day and allow the sounds to bring you to a calm and still place inside yourself.

    Part 2 – Focus

    During this part the emphasis will be put on focus.In order to break the habit of being slaves to our thoughts and emotions, we need to practice to move our focus away from the mental activity.You will be guided to keep your focus on a certain sound during the meditation. Focus can also be put on the felt sense of your breath. When we learn to consciously choose what we put our focus on, we will feel more empowered and encouraged to continue our journey into harmony.

    Part 3 – Natural Harmony

    During the last phase of this program we will practice subject focused meditation.This means that we practice turning our attention away from any object (including thoughts and emotions) and direct our awareness back to Awareness itself. This will eventually help us realize the harmony and stillness that is already present in every situation at all times. A sense of freedom and unconditional love is prevailing here as the identification with the ego ceases. Ultimately, this can be our new natural state in life. Abstract and atmospheric soundscapes infused with binaural beats that will entrain your brain in to the Theta brainwave state will aid you in this last phase. There is no predetermined time set to these different parts of the program.I encourage you to take the time needed for you to feel that the practices are bearing fruit, but I suggest no less than one week per part. Once you’ve gone through these three weeks you will most likely have a much deeper understanding of what is being asked of you in order to make the shift from a mentally driven life into living a conscious life with an open and unconditionally loving heart.

    – Stefan Backas

    Sound Awareness

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