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Healing Sounds

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Sound Design

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Field Recording

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¨Stefan's sound baths are so relaxing and beautiful. During the sound bath, it feels as if you get a deep rest and at the same time it feels like an effortless meditation in unison to sweet, harmonious tones. Afterwards I also often feel very harmonious and creative. Stefan is a humble and pleasant teacher with whom it is easy to philosophize. I recommend everyone to participate in a sound bath at some point!”


” I can highly recommend Stefan’s work, because for me he is a real Lightworker. I appreciate his listenning with the heart and sharing his unconditional love, ease and harmony. After a Coaching- and Ljudbadsession with him I feel refreshed , peaceful and more balanced. I am very grateful for his contribution for ‘ a better world’.


¨The sound baths and meditations have played a significant role in my inner journey. Letting the sounds have their relaxing and healing effect is an undemanding and gentle way to meet yourself and come into contact with dimensions unbound to time and space. It is nice to be reminded of one's true essence of eternal energy and see beyond any added attributes. The experience of being recreated with each new note showed me that we actually have the opportunity to shape and reshape our lives as we wish in a creative game without an end goal, we are creators and creations simultaneously¨

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