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Studio Sound Awareness

Studio Sound Awareness is a down-to-earth sound studio based in Malax, Finland.

The accumulated experience of professional work with sound technology stretches back to 2003.

In Studio Sound Awareness, you can have your music smoothly and professionally recorded and mixed. Here, the soundtrack for your video or film will also be processed and completed tastefully and expertly.

The studio itself is of a slightly smaller model, so I often make recordings in other spaces and work on mixing and editing at home in my own studio.

In addition to soundscapes and music, various forms of performing arts, radio and audiobooks are genres that I have experience with and that I love to work with.

The focus of Studio Sound Awareness' work is to smoothly and responsively complete and convey the artist's vision as sonically enjoyable as possible! .

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want more information!


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