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Sound therapy

Sound therapy is for you who

-want to reduce stress

-want to learn to be more present

-want to experience more harmony in life

-want help with relieving anxiety and worry

-want help with physical problems

-want to deepen your spiritual development


Sound has been used throughout the world to heal both body, mind and soul.

Our voice is the main therapeutic instrument that we use naturally from birth.

Drums, singing bowls and gongs are other instruments that have been used for thousands of years to promote our health and well-being. Sound has been used in rituals and ceremonies to influence people's states of mind. In today's situation, sound waves are used in Western healthcare in the form of e.g. ultrasound, but the use of soothing music and relaxing sound atmospheres in various fields has also greatly increased in recent years.

During a sound therapy session, I use various therapy instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs and drums, partly to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere, but also to project the vibrations from the instruments inside the body.

As we enter a relaxed, meditative state where we let go of all tension and resistance, we also allow the body to activate its own natural healing process. Sound is an effective medium when we want to influence our state of mind, e.g. to relax or meditate.

At the beginning of the therapy session, we discuss what you would like help with and what challenges you may be experiencing in your life. You also get the opportunity to set an intention before the sound therapy session. Based on that discussion, I then choose which methods and which instruments I will use during our session.

You can lie comfortably on a massage table or on a mattress on the floor.

With your permission, I may place singing bowls or tuning forks on your body to project their vibrations directly into your body.

Often I end the session by playing a drum above your body to create grounding vibrations, allowing the body and mind to establish a safe and relaxed atmosphere to finish.


A typical sound therapy session lasts about 75 minutes.

But I also offer 90 minute sessions for those who want more time for either the discussion part or the audio session itself.



75 minutes: €79

90 minutes: €89

Duo session (sound therapy session for two people) 75 minutes: €149

Duo session (sound therapy session for two people) 90 minutes: €169


I of course respect confidentiality during all sessions.

Contact meto make an appointment!

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