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Healing Sounds

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Sound has a fascinating ability to affect our well-being.


Since everything is in a state of vibration, this then includes the cells in our bodies, our organs and even our feelings, thoughts and emotions, then sound is the perfect medium to use if we want to tune ourselves back into harmony with life.


This mind-body-spirit complex of ours is probably affected by all these vibrations that surround us on a daily basis without us even being aware of it.


I like to use sound in beautiful-sounding ways to create soundscapes and atmospheres that promote well-being and balance.


I offer sound baths in which the participants will get the opportunity to completely relax and be washed with sounds and vibrations from many different healing instruments, such as tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, etc.


Sound baths are the perfect way to allow yourself to reset and let go of everything for a moment, to become fully present and in tune with your true nature and allow your awareness to focus on the sounds instead of the thoughts in your head. To experience this moment directly as it is, instead of through your mind's interpretation of it.


The vibrations from these sacred instruments will help your brainwaves to slow down into a more relaxed and meditative state, and you will feel how healthy it is for your body to become perfectly still and relaxed again.

I also offer individual sound therapy sessions where we specifically focus on your challenges and needs. Here you can also experience the vibrations of the tibetan singing bowls directly on your body.

Singing Bowls of HepokongasSound Awareness
00:00 / 15:38
Winter Water II - Tibetan Singing BowlsSound Awareness
00:00 / 08:42
Calming DownSound Awareness
00:00 / 29:57
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