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Harmony Chimes

We are happy to announce the birth of Sound Awareness Harmony Chimes!

The Sound Awareness Harmony Chimes is a simple creation inspired by a love for healing sounds, nature, and the simple joys of craftsmanship. These instruments are crafted with a heartfelt dedication to bring a gentle sense of harmony into the world.

The sound bars are made from carefully chosen aluminum tubes with a deep and rich sound and a exceptionally long sustain.

The wooden handles harvested from the natural old growth forests of Ostrobothnia, Finland, are infusing the instrument with the spirit of the forest. Enriched with patterns etched by nature's own artists, the handles embody a quiet and raw beauty.

The instruments are available in different tunings in both 440Hz and 432Hz.

There is no trace of mass production here, this is truly hand made and one of a kind.

These instruments are a labor of love, and their purpose is simple: to share a bit of peace with the world. As you play each chime, you become part of a small gesture, spreading quiet moments of harmony. With their unpretentious charm, let the Sound Awareness Harmony Chimes be a source of serenity, bringing a touch of joy to those who appreciate their raw looks and enchanting tones.

Please note:

Each Harmony Chime is meticulously handcrafted by us in the sleek landscapes of Ostrobothnia, Finland. With a commitment to quality and precision, our hands are intimately involved in every step of the process; sawing each tube, selecting each twig and tying every knot. While we strive for tuning perfection in crafting our Harmony Chimes, it's important to note that each aluminum tube is meticulously sawed by hand. This dedication to craftsmanship imparts a unique touch to every instrument, but it also means that subtle variations in tuning may occur. Embrace the individuality of these handcrafted instruments as you explore the soothing soundscapes, understanding that these slight variations contribute to the distinctive character of each instrument.


You can choose from four different scales for your Harmony Chimes;

Gaia (Earth): C – D – E – G – A – C – D - E
Zephyr (Air): C - D# - F - G# - Bb - C - D# - F
Aqua: (Water) C - D# - F - G - Bb - C - D# - F
Ignis (Fire): C - D - F - G - A - C - D - F

Order your Harmony Chimes here:

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