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New album out now!

Uppdaterat: 23 nov. 2022

Tibetan singing bowls Vol 1 is a new album by Sound Awareness.

The album is available at my Online Store.

Listen to the song Mindful Meadow from the album on Youtube

This is a meditative album with tibetan singing bowls accompanied by sounds from nature.

The music in this album was made to help you relax and let go of resistance, tension and stress.

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries in spiritual and healing settings. The singing bowls produce an organic sound with various series of natural overtones that help us synchronize our vibration to the harmony and balance inherent in nature.

Soundscapes from Mother Nature accompanies the singing bowls and provide a safe and sound atmosphere for the listener to let down their guard and open up to the present moment.

This album was played and recorded by myself with the intention of transmitting stillness and peace. The nature sounds where recorded here in Ostrobothnia, Finland where I live.

This music can be used to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and each individual track can also be used as a soundscape for meditation.

Listening with good quality headphones is recommended when you want to be immersed completely in these healing sounds.


Track List: